Combination between gymkhana and room escape, to spend more than two hours of outdoor gaming and entertainment, searching and solving tracks, visiting beautiful and interesting places.


The different routes of each game are designed so that you can get to know and walk through pleasant places, where you can enjoy architecture, culture and/or nature, according to the theme of each one.


Up to a maximum of 40 players, grouped in teams of 2 to 8 people, although we recommend that the groups be 4 to 6, enough to solve tracks and enjoy all the game.  


The minimum for the activity to be done is 8 players, in a single team or in several, to see which one finishes first and who will reveal the final enigma. If there are more teams signed up, you will compete between you or againts them.



Beginners and players who have made few room escape will play in about three hours. Very expert groups, in about two and a half hours. Medium level game, to balance with all groups.


We recommend comfortable footwear and clothing, and provision of accessories for possible changes of weather, cold, heat, caps, coats… If it rains, the activity is disconnected, but just in case… It is recommended to bring an empty school backpack to collect the tracks found on the route. A mobile with internet connection to contact for some clues. Better two in case one fails.


All places where you have to enter are on the ground floor or have facilities for disabled persons access.



Check prices on the booking form, depending on the week or weekend, and also special prices for schools. Children from 0 to 7 years do not pay.

If you are less than 8, you have to book equally for eight, since it is the minimum price, but you can play with less, no problem.

Confirm booking with 40% deposit or full payment. VISA card or wire transfer. If partial payment, the rest in cash, at the beginning of the activity at the meeting place, or wire transfer/deposit in ATM without envelope three days before to be received before the beginning.

All prices include 21% of IVA (spanish VAT). Please advise if you need invoice with separate VAT amount for a company.



From 24 players you can request exclusive activity for your group or company.

Minimum age to participate alone 18 years. Minors accompanied with responsibility and permission signed by adults (on the street, avoid danger). 

If it rains or there is a serious threat, the activity will be postponed (a). Also if unplanned events arise, such as fairs, concerts, demonstrations, that impede the normal development of the activity during the tour (B).

If it is postponed by (A) or (B) you will have 3 months to choose new session. If it is not possible, the entire amount will be refunded after three months.

Cancellations by players: Before 2 weeks the total amount will be refunded, or you will be allowed to find another date. Before one week, you will be allowed to search for new date, without refund. Less than a week, the amount will be lost. Demonstrable force majeure cases will be studied the best solution.

You should arrive 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE START. If you are much delayed and there are more teams that already begun, you will not be able to start the activity. If you’re alone, call and we will see if we can arrange it.



As the activity takes place on public streets it is important to respect people and the signs:

Do not shout or make noises that can disturb the coexistence with the rest of the people, in the street or in public places.

Do not endanger players or other people. Cross the streets by pedestrian crossings or with the green light.

It’s a game, you can go fast, but you don’t need to run. Avoid accidents that turn a holiday day into a tragic day.

NO ONE CLUE OR INDICATION WILL ENCOURAGE PLAYERS TO BREAK THE RULES OF TRAFFIC OR CIVILITY. The company has no responsibility for acts of vandalism or for those who break the law and endanger their lives. For this reason minors must be with an adult who takes responsibility and who has them under control. 



In the 1920s, in Barcelona, during the construction of the axis of the 1929 Universal Exhibition between Plaza España and Montjuich, a group of anarchists intended to carry out an attack at the inauguration.

They hid the explosive material inside the compound so that they could use it that day.

But they were discovered, and that material was forgotten somewhere, in danger of exploding one day.

We have information about the steps they took and you will be in charge of looking for it and finding it.

We don’t doubt of your professionalism….



All tracks are in Catalan, Spanish, English and French. The help of the Game Master will also be in any of these four languages.

The names or signs to be read from the street are written accordingly.


Special price of 15€/12€ per player, for school groups of at least 24 participants. The invoice must be issued in the name of the school in order to benefit from this price.

They must provide as many tutors as groups organize themselves, free of charge. For example, for 24 players can be mounted 4 groups of 6 and you will need 4 tutors, group leaders.


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